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  1. You could restore from backup to get your community back online or submit a troubleticket and wait for support to help you sort out the problem.
  2. Check out the help guide:
  3. It goes without saying that we all want every one of the marketplace apps to be updated within days of a new release. We need to better manage our expectations as Adriano has a very large collection of marketplace and custom apps that he supports. They will all be updated when they get updated and not a moment sooner. Coding and testing works best when you are in a good frame of mind. Being constantly pestered for updates is unlikely to put Adriano in such a state. Be of good cheer@Adriano Fariaand the other marketplace developers, we appreciate all of you...
  4. Somewhat akin to having a doctor's visit via your phone. The doctor can only check you out for only the obvious things that might be amiss. Leaving you only "somewhat" diagnosed. Both the doctor and IPS needs to manage expectations as to what can be accomplished using their diagnostic tools.
  5. <on soap box> I wrote my post with the intention of inspiring a dialogue among the community around the issue. It wasn't meant to be taken too literally... People need to be better informed as to when there are possible issues with a new release. Unfortunately once a release leaves beta the bug tracker disappears and we don't know what issues are being encountered by others until: Release Notes - Invision Community gets updated. There were a great deal of issues from the 4.5 release that got rolled into 4.6 that I was totally unaware of. I thought by then 4.5 was remarkably stable, when in fact it really wasn't as I didn't know of "any" of the problems that got fixed. As we don't know what the "real" state of affairs are with each new release we all need to be cautious with upgrading. As only a third of the marketplace apps have been updated there is a potential the developers will discover additional issues (and don't forget all of the trouble ticket submissions) that will necessitate additional 4.6.x releases. Based on@Stuart Silvestercomment it appears the issue was server related and not due to the new update. It appears that this particular release will require special attention with our sever configurations which isn't a bad thing for the community to know as well as with the advisability of testing out new releases on a non production instance and knowing how to backup and restore. Postings like this have value as it is the only way we can communicate amongst ourselves that there "might" be potential problems with a particular release. There are certainly better ways that IPS could manage the situation going forward. <off soap box>
  6. As much as we all wish that IPS releases bug free code they consistently show they they are not up to the task. Just like the rest of the software developers out there... If anyone chooses to upgrade their site within hours of a new release they are likely to encounter problems and it will take time for IPS to investigate and fix. If you want to minimize the potential for downtime, delay upgrading to allow for "all" issues to be discovered and addressed on people's test installs before updating your production site.
  7. "If" IPS is careful with their coding practices then there shouldn't be the need for security patches all that often. Providing security patches for prior versions for 3 to 4 months after a major release should encourage folks to continuously upgrade their sites while at the same time allowing those sites that want to hold off on upgrading a secure environment.
  8. If you check the description of this app you would see that it hasn't been updated to be compatible with 4.6.2 as of yet. Please exercise some patience with Adriano and all the other marketplace developers, as they all have lot of apps to update all of which are important to one person or another.
  9. Theme Differences - Invision Community
  10. @Jordan Invision It might be nice to alert the entire customer base of these changes instead of putting the marketplace developers in a tough spot having to explain your business decision and deal with the customer angst that's bound to happen in the days ahead.
  11. I will leave it up to you to read through the release notes and various topics scattered about in regards to this release. As there will likely be several 4.6.x builds there are always the chance that the next several releases will require software fixes or code be changed as a consequence of customer feedback.
  12. The release is currently in a "Soft Launch" phase. If you "really" want to upgrade now you can create a constants.php file and paste the following php script in it: <?php \define('USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS','TRUE'); Click on "Check for Updates" and you should get a dialog box letting you know a new update is available. Please backup your site and read all about "Achievements" and other postings about this release. There are many things changed, deprecated and added that will likely impact every site in some fashion or another.
  13. There are over half a dozen topics already started discussing this topic. This platform is deceptively easy to install but does require an understanding of the underlying hardware and operating system/software stack in order to ensure it's secure and operates efficiently. The knowledge is readily attained through extensive internet searching but requires a great deal of one's time to master it all. Unless you have a "very" small userbase and traffic you will likely encounter issues like the one described above that may be beyond one's ability to easily figure out or take more time than you readily have. Most of the problems you will likely encounter will be beyond the scope of support here and with your service provider(s). When that happens and they will, you need to secure the expertise of someone that has mastered the requisite skills, unfortunately such skills come at a price. There are lots of hidden expenses running a successful internet site. Everyone needs to ensure they have sufficient funds in their budget to be able to hire "experts" to address issues that are beyond one's ability to readily deal with on their own. Hosting plans that most folks can readily afford do not have the requisite power and configurability to be both secure and support a sufficiently large enough user base that you can generate enough revenue to offset your expenses. There is an old saying, "It takes money to make money". If you want any chance of earning a profit on your site you will need to spend some money on consultants and upgraded hosting and other products and services in order to have a platform that can support rapid user growth. Scaling a website using this software platform isn't cheap or easy but can offer a great return on one's investment of time and money "if" it is done correctly.
  14. I checked again. No matter which version you choose here it shows it's only compatible with Version 4.6. The app doesn't show up in the ACP marketplace even though it did prior to you releasing Version 5.6.0 and
  15. Unfortunately this app is showing that it is no longer compatible with 4.5 as such I can't install it. Please make a version available for 4.5 as I won't be upgrading to 4.6 until it has been officially released and the marketplace apps I will be using have all been updated to be compatible with 4.6. Thanks...
  16. Its all about context and how a site structures the interactions between its members and the content being shared. It can take a member awhile to get a feel for a site and whether there might be any value to identifying their gender identity to others or referring to someone's gender correctly. I agree that prompting a new member to identify themselves before gaining access to a site is grounds for me to not join. Empty fields give me a moments pause but there are times when those fields may provide value add to a site. A good site admin will highlight their value to the community which should prompt more members to fill them out. I haven't found value in knowing for sure what gender anyone might happen to identify with here. On the other hand I do see value of properly identifying and addressing people on LinkedIn as it can matter to some people. As one doesn't know which person may be more sensitive than another its best to make an effort as that person could have a positive impact on my life or other's I care about.
  17. It's respectful to use the appropriate pronoun when it's use is called for. This was difficult enough when it was a choice between using a masculine or feminine pronoun as it is difficult to determine which an individual might be based on their choice of username. Pronoun choice becomes even more difficult when someone like "Morrigan" identifies as being a "Rainbow Princess Unicorn of the Fourth Order". If that makes Morrigan happy, who am I to judge <insert unknown pronoun>. It's a tough social issue to address as people are resistant to change, there are a boatload of value judgements that are likely to come into play and way too many exceptions being offered up to know how to deal with them all. Unfortunately some individuals are skipping the advocacy phase and went straight into the implementation phase. This will likely engender even more resistance to change ensuring the effort has no chance of being universally accepted. It will likely take many years before conditions are right to try a more disciplined advocacy approach. It will require an extremely gifted team of advocates and access to lots of money to have even the remotest chance of encouraging even the slightest of changes.
  18. Unfortunately you haven't provided sufficient details to be able to help narrow down the problem. What browser are you using? Are you using a desktop PC or mobile device? Are you using keyboard commands or a mouse? If you are using a keyboard command, which one are you using? Is it possible you are pressing the wrong keys? Can you successfully paste text on this site? Have you ever been able to paste text on the site you are having problems?
  19. @Adriano F Hello, I'm thinking of purchasing your app and if both of my questions below are a "yes" then your app will meet my needs. Does this app work with your Invite App and can "Group" as shown below be changed or is it hard coded? If it can be changed would you please provide the key name I would modify. Thanks...
  20. Until society as a whole agrees to stop communicating primarily in the masculine form and chooses to fully embrace feminine and gender neutral pronouns then listing one's pronoun preference is unlikely to cause people to change their communication style in a meaningful way. Maybe in a hundred years or so communication styles will become more inclusive but today being inclusive is the exception rather than the rule. I am in favor of improving upon the field that @SeNioR-is illustrating to show the pronoun He/Him so that it might be used for a variety of different use cases. Having a plugin created that meets multiple needs is more likely to interest a developer as it will likely yield a few more sales.
  21. Adding an new entry under Applications for "Achievements" would provide consistency and allow a member to toggle between "Disabled" and "Enabled". Disabled should be the default setting to allow an admin to decide when they are ready to implement Achievements for their site. Many site owners will choose to spend months planning, waiting on graphic designers to create a personalized set of badges or wait for Achievements to mature to a point that it fully meets their needs.
  22. @Jordan Invision As Achievements won't meet my site's needs (as it currently stands) I do not wish to have it enabled. What are the steps to completely disable it? I would like the steps to be provided for upgrading a site or installing it from scratch. It would be nice to see a brand new sample site made available by IPS with Achievements setup and running that members could join to see how it works with everyone starting at the same level. The site could be dedicated to only discussing Achievements. The information gathered there could be utilized in determining various use cases and how best to setup and administer them. Achievements could prove to be a very beneficial for some sites but if implemented incorrectly it could cause real harm to a community. Through "real" collaboration with other site owners the amount of less than optimal rollouts may be minimized. The information gathered could be utilized by the person assigned the responsibility of writing the official IPS documentation for Achievements.
  23. @Jordan Invision Payment processors and social media sites experience periods of downtime or make changes to their APIs or change requirements for access. it would be nice to have a centralized location that customers could drop by to see if there are any upcoming changes they need to prepare for or to see if others are experiencing issues. Those experiencing issues could click on a report button and the site increments the total upward or downward if the issue resolves itself. This would help determine issues that seem to be of a temporary nature or something that might need to be addressed on an individual or community wide level. If IPS determines that site specific troubleshooting is required they could toggle a switch requesting those effected to submit a trouble ticket. As many people will forget to stop back and resolve the issue IPS could reset the stats at midnight. If the problem still exists on subsequent days the customers would need to drop by after midnight and indicate that fact. If a software fix is required IPS could toggle another switch indicating a fix will be provided via an upcoming hotfix or next dot release. With this knowledge a site owner could readily determine if a problem is only being seen on a small amount of sites or is wide spread and the necessity of submitting a trouble ticket or having to patch their site to address the issue. As it stands now there are often problems our sites might be experiencing that we are entirely unware of that could impact our site from collecting all the funds we expect and desperately need or being able to fully interact with the various social media sites. Having timely knowledge of problems will allow us to better deal with problems internally as well as being more transparent with our members that certain aspects of our site may not be fully operational and a better understanding when they will be resolved. If" API access is being limited for particular sites it would be helpful to see such a trend as quickly as it occurs so we can come together as a community to help those affected and to see if we can collectively come together to figure out ways to minimize such occurrences going forward and maybe winning back access through collective brainstorming of how that might be accomplished. Working together will help to more effectively deal with the vagaries of dealing with our big business partners.
  24. Its hard to know based on a simple error code. There might be several reasons: The error could represent a temporary system glitch. Try, try again... Your ex-moderator might be making trouble for you with Twitter. Your members might be submitting content that Twitter doesn't like. Twitter might have actually had an employee review your site and they decided to restrict access. You should submit a support request with Twitter. I honestly don't expect a timely response or any for that matter but as the saying goes: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." I would recommend that you do a review of your entire site through the eyes of a Twitter reviewer. Is your site and the postings promoted to the Twitter site in Twitter's best interest. You and your members might find value with your site's content but there is a possibility that other people might not. With governments throughout the world in the process of placing more and more restrictions on big websites, this will likely cause them to place more and more restrictions on who they will grant access to their APIs. "If" continued access to these big websites are of "real" value to your website than you will need to match the "norms" being forced upon the big websites in the short and long-term. The challenge going forward is there is no telling how transparent these big sites will be with those wishing access to their APIs as to what is or is not going to be cause for losing access to their APIs and underlying account. It wouldn't surprise me if all of the big sites embark on a largescale culling of those sites requesting access to their APIs in the future as the overall value of the content promoted will likely be seriously offset by the money required to ensure it continuously meets the "norms" being imposed upon them.
  25. If IPS holds true to that stand than its imperative that they don't remove items without a real buy in from the community. I suspect many communities that are still on old builds due to their continued reliance on various deprecated features. One would hope that IPS might modify their stand to say that as a rule mods aren't allowed to replicate removed features, but they will allow them if a select group of communities would be materially impacted by their loss and a mod could readily be created that wouldn't adversely impact the IPS Suite. If a programmer is creative enough to figure out how to accomplish such a feat than they should be able to help those impacted sites keep their sites up to date with the latest releases.
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