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    @Makoto - just wanted to bump this for your assistance when you get a chance, please!
  2. Good evening! I was wondering if there are any plugins or applications for IPB that perform a URL "unfurl" function similar to XenForo's as described in this post; https://xenforo.com/community/threads/unfurling-urls-emoji-enhancements-and-video-uploads.154986/post-1289239 I'm aware of External Links Rich Embed from the Marketplace, but I was wondering if there is a more "elegant" solution available. Thank you very much! Regards, Wade
  3. Good afternoon, @Pete T As part of our upgrade to IPB 4.5.2, we installed Back to Top 1.05 and switched it "On", but the arrow isn't displaying in any of my forums. Any assistance is appreciated! Regards, Wade Steel EDIT: Whoops - I see it now! Sorry about that!
  4. Good morning, @A Zayed We recently purchased and installed version 1.4.8 of External Links Rich Embed in preparation for our upgrade to IPB 4.5. We completed the upgrade to IPB 4.5 and attempted to upgrade the plugin to version 1.4.10 from within the AdminCP using the instructions indicated on the plugin's site on the Marketplace. However, when we attempted the install, we received the following message: "The plugin you are trying to install appears to be installed already" Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Wade EDIT: WHOOPS! I decided to uninstall 1.4.8 and then reinstall from the Marketplace and it worked just fine! Please disregard everything that I posted above! 🙂

    Radical Tags

    Good morning, @Makoto We recently installed Radical Tags 1.9.2 as part of our upgrade to IPB 4.5 as we were still using Advanced Tags and Prefixes 3.2.0. We ported our AT&P configuration using the functionality on the Radical Tags "Tools" page. However, we've noticed that those imported Prefixes are no longer "clickable" as they were in AT&P. By that I mean that they're no longer acting like a link but rather like merely a graphic. In contrast, the tags that were imported from AT&P are fully clickable as they were before. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Edit: OK, I solved that problem by figuring out that the Prefixes had imported from AT&P as "Badges" and changed the CSS code to convert them into linkable objects. Now the remaining issue is that none of them are showing up on the Tag Cloud despite having "Include prefixes" selected in the block settings. I'm guessing it's the CSS code that I used. If you could look at this example for one of my Prefixes and tell me what appears to be wrong, I'd be appreciative! <a href="{tagUrl}" title="{tagTitle}" rel="tag"><span class="ipsTag_prefix" style="background-color:#107c10; color: white;">{tag}</span></a>
  6. Thank you very much for your kind words and support @SJ77 and @Agent Shark!
  7. Exactly! Aaaaaaand quite "coincidentally", I JUST received an update: Apologies for the delay, the team which does transfers got badly backed up this week. I've set this ticket as an internal priority so that it gets attended to as soon as the team can get to it. Someone will update you when they are able. If that simple message had been sent earlier, I wouldn't have felt so "abandoned".
  8. I posted in Pre-Sales, but the topic is awaiting moderation. I do realize really isn't the right place, but I just really needed to vent. It's been a tiring several days.
  9. I'm pretty sure that isn't the right place for this, but I'm hoping that posting this here get some attention. I'm terribly frustrated right now by the lack of status updates regarding the data transfer from my Dreamhost server to my recently-rented Advanced 200 cloud server. The last communication I received from Invision staff was nearly 48 hours ago and my request for a simple status update to communicate to my community have gone unanswered. I'm just looking for something to tell them that things are proceeding along - that's all. As a new client for the hosting service, this lack of communication is terribly frustrating and disheartening ? I realize that I am venting and I sincerely apologize to the community, but after dealing with several issues with Dreamhost that made me decide on this move to Invision as my hosting service, I'm pretty much exhausted and at my wit's end ?
  10. Yeah, we're probably going to execute a restoration of the database backup from 24 hours ago.
  11. Good afternoon, I'm having severe issues accessing the AdminCP for my site in order to perform a clearing of the site cache. Whenever I enter my username and password, I receive the following message: "Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_field() on boolean in /home/dayonepatch/d1p/system/Db/Select.php on line 352" Any ideas as to the course of action that I should take? Thank you very much for your assistance! Sincerely, Wade Steel
  12. I'm having the same problem. Exactly as you mention it.
  13. I'm have a specific issue (maybe it's an issue) with the sideblocks. I want it to appear below my Upcoming Calendar Events and Recent Topic blocks. No matter what, they all appear above it. Is there a way to fix that?
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