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  1. Sorry for the delay, seems like there was a technical issue (compatibility just showed "Array"), but it looks fixed now
  2. Because of the malicious practices of Apple. Also because you most definitely do not want a situation where a market gets monopolized.
  3. None of the tasks you described requires any custom coding, unless you want to do some really fancy templating. Moreover, this is essentially why you use a software product like IPS in the first place, it makes stuff like this very easy to do for everyone out-of-the-box! I think he means Pages databases with #2, not the RDBMS behind it.
  4. Your question is quite ambiguous so I'll try to answer it for a few interpretations. If you refer to where \IPS\Settings gets its own data from: \IPS\Settings gets its data from both the conf_global.php file and the core_sys_conf_settings database table (which is cached, so if the data is available in the cache it will pull it from there). If you mean how to use \IPS\Settings: you simply call whatever setting you need as if it were to be an object property: \IPS\Settings::i()->setting_key Behind the scenes this is achieved with PHP's magic methods __get() and __set().
  5. @opentype I think you may have missed the rest of the thread @hippydonna I can confirm that it works for that scenario as well. I am however seeing a small issue when you use the opt-in billing option of the plugin, it requires the user to push the Continue button twice. This does not occur when opt-in billing is disabled or when purchasing a non-forced subscription, so that must be why I missed it in my testing. I will investigate and release a fix for that. But all in all it will work just fine.
  6. @hippydonna it should, however I have not yet tested it for that specific scenario. Will do that right now, I'll post back soon.
  7. @hippydonna that should work just fine, yes.
  8. Glad to hear that Regarding your suggestion, I've been thinking about how I could implement it and will try to do so (manipulating the form itself is going to be quite hacky in this specific case, instead I can add an additional step to the checkout process).
  9. Version 1.3.0


    📧 Please send me a PM for purchase options This plugin will prevent Commerce asking the customer for their real name and address information when purchasing or renewing a subscription. Additional Features 🏡 Opt-in Billing Opt-in billing allows the customer to choose whether to enter their billing information or not. Opt-in billing will work for all purchases which do not require billing information, not just subscriptions. 📦 Disable Billing for Physical Products Optionally disable billing addresses for all physical products. This feature is only useful if you would like to use Commerce's shipping feature for tracking purposes of non-physical goods.
  10. Ah, that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification. Billing agreements is convenient to have but I am willing to sacrifice it in order to not ask my members their real name and address information. So I guess I'll be making a plugin.
  11. Hi, It seems that requiresBillingAddress() in IPS\nexus\extensions\nexus\Item\Subscription simply always returns true. Is there a specific reason for this that I may be overlooking? If not, perhaps it's an idea to make it optional just like it is with other non-physical products? I suppose I could hook the function to change this behaviour for the time being, but I feel like this could benefit other people as well.
  12. You... you are magnificent! So I changed it to a forward slash and voila, it works! I guess it's just the force of habbit for me to use a backslash, especially when developing when you use lots of them for namespacing. Thank you!
  13. I've also checked the database (core_theme_resources) just to be sure, and everything looks okay there as well. So to summarize: The files are there where they should be; They are correctly listed in the database; They show up in the AdminCP under theme resources; The value that defines what image to use is now hardcoded in the template file ...and it still does not work. Could it be some kind of obscure caching issue somewhere? I'm running out of ideas...
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