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  1. Does Invisionpower can to make forum website like neowin.net.. 1. which one they use from invision power product? 2. how to make custom advertising mod? 3. Does support for make advertising side column and always display in every forum? Thankyou, :D
  2. i am planning using first is VPS then if the member is become huge, i choose Dedicated Server.. thanks Bro
  3. I am really love this IPboard but still waiting for the 4.0 i was read the clue about the IPBoard 4.0 that some mod unable to activate
  4. waiting advice, still not answer :'(
  5. What the apps i should use when i want to make forum like rootzwiki.com? I see the page content consist : 1. News page 2. Forum page ( i know it use the best forum software IPS 3.3.4) 3. Wiki page 4. Store page 5. About page please give me the solution :D
  6. I want to buy this software probably for the first is only the IPB 3.4.5 forum, but i still have question: 1. How i protect my forum IPB from hacker, please maybe you have some advise ?
  7. For some reason, i don't like credit card because there too many unsecure using that.. so i prefer use my debit card local country? my question is, i try to buy one license then i see the description how i buy this product, with 2 option : using credit card and debit card, how many fee to take over from my debit card when i buy for $149.99. does only the price license or with some additional fees other??
  8. Does need new license when the old domain i no longer use, then i want my single license i'have bought to install in new domain, are this violate the term? then how i solve this? because, i don't have enough investment to buy all license,..
  9. I don't have enough money to buy 100domain for 100 license.. wow... Or if i use for one license for multiple subdomain example forum1.domain.com forum2.domain.com etc gadgetmix.blogspot.com
  10. How many domain should i use if i only buy one license, ???
  11. Hai i have a question : How i can make news section page like this site: hxxp://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-uk-pays-former-female-executive-over-1-million
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