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  1. Stripe payments have the wrong IP associated for the transaction which is then queried to MaxMind's fraud service resulting in false positives since there is a mismatch in country of origin. Also Stripe uses Amazon's IP ranges which is picked up as a hosting service. The relevant file is applications/nexus/interface/gateways/stripe.php line 86.
  2. PHP 7.4 deprecates unparenthesised ternary operators so upgrading to the update fails with the error message: This should be an easy fix, can one be provided ASAP?
  3. You're right, previously you had an issue tracker which was a more appropriate place to post such things, why did it go?
  4. I regularly copy the database to my local test server so absolute hard linking causes problems when the host is not the same. Furthermore it's just not technically correct to use absolute URLs so I don't see why that attribute enforces it, you could use the pattern tag to allow relative links in the HTML field and add the code to match in the PHP form validation end.
  5. Since WebAuthn is a browser standard now IPS4 should support this natively as a 2FA option.
  6. I suggest a variable named $INFO['sql_ssl_ca'] which if provided will be used in mysqli:ssl_set to enable secured connections. I need this when I connect to my live database from a testing server, without it sensitive content is transmitted over the wire unencrypted.
  7. I cannot find the bug tracker anymore so I'm reporting the bug here. In Admin CP > Support the Redis stat is shown under the system information table. However it uses the wrong variable total_system_memory, it should be using maxmemory if available or fallback to the former key otherwise. For example my Redis configuration only allows 128mb on a 8gb memory machine, and IPB shows the usage as a percentage of the total 8gb.
  8. I don't think you understand how composer works, we will add a custom URL with our authorisation tokens for our projects which will fetch directly from Invision's servers directly. It's no less secure than how the current update system is implemented already, just provides another method of integration.
  9. It makes integration easier and people will always be able to obtain the source code illegally. It just makes development and upgrades easier for those of us who pay for the software.
  10. This will allow easy integration via services like Packagist.
  11. Any update on this? It would be a lot more cost effective for us to store files on GCP rather than S3.
  12. In the file system/Content/Search/Mysql/Index.php: public function index( \IPS\Content\Searchable $object ) { /* Get the index data */ $indexData = $this->indexData( $object ); An OutOfRangeException can be thrown since the search index may be corrupt due to tasks timing out and such, this is a problem for large forums several GB in size. Since the code below checks if the variable is not null anyway a fix is easy as changing that last line to: try { $indexData = $this->indexData( $object ); } catch (\OutOfRangeException $e) { $indexData = null; }
  13. Since you removed your bug tracker I'll post it here. When "Has poll" but "Does not have poll" options are ticked for the forum archive setting it builds the query component: array(1) { [0]=> string(34) "poll_state=0 or poll_state IS NULL" } However when this gets compiled to SQL it becomes: ["clause"]=> string(216) "topic_archive_status=? AND approved=? AND poll_state=0 or poll_state IS NULL AND posts<? AND last_post<? AND pinned=? AND forum_id IN(6,21,31,36,378) AND starter_id NOT IN(1,83091,1690153,28665,209765) AND featured=?" ["binds"]=> array(6) { As you can see the or condition is not gated with a parenthesis, it should be: ... (poll_state=0 or poll_state IS NULL) ... Otherwise the SQL operator logic ignores the entire right hand side of the condition list, which breaks the entire archiving system.
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