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  1. I suggest a variable named $INFO['sql_ssl_ca'] which if provided will be used in mysqli:ssl_set to enable secured connections. I need this when I connect to my live database from a testing server, without it sensitive content is transmitted over the wire unencrypted.
  2. I cannot find the bug tracker anymore so I'm reporting the bug here. In Admin CP > Support the Redis stat is shown under the system information table. However it uses the wrong variable total_system_memory, it should be using maxmemory if available or fallback to the former key otherwise. For example my Redis configuration only allows 128mb on a 8gb memory machine, and IPB shows the usage as a percentage of the total 8gb.
  3. I don't think you understand how composer works, we will add a custom URL with our authorisation tokens for our projects which will fetch directly from Invision's servers directly. It's no less secure than how the current update system is implemented already, just provides another method of integration.
  4. It makes integration easier and people will always be able to obtain the source code illegally. It just makes development and upgrades easier for those of us who pay for the software.
  5. This will allow easy integration via services like Packagist.
  6. Any update on this? It would be a lot more cost effective for us to store files on GCP rather than S3.
  7. The page doesn't load after I install and configure the settings, PHP shows these errors: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function home() on a non-object in .../community/admin/applications_addon/other/groupjoin/modules_public/view/view.php on line 133
  8. I very much doubt IPB developers can create a better framework than Twitter. The benefit of Twitter Bootstrap is that because it's so popular there is a lot of support for it - many templates already exist that give a unique look and feel plus the design is very intuitive which allows people to make adjustments and modifications very easily. It is a rock solid framework that works brilliantly across all modern web browsers and devices.
  9. Twitter Bootstrap is quickly becoming the defaco standard for HTML5 design. 4.0 should fully embrace this and only add extra custom CSS where it's totally necessary. The major advantage here is we can fully customise our layout with straightforward CSS only and not having to make any complicated template edits.
  10. This way certain support/Q&A forums can be configured to hide answered posts (with the "best answer" feature) without locking them or moving those topics to a different archive/answered section. [Originally posted as a bug report]
  11. I paid for this and it doesn't work - clicked the history tab and it just redirects to the board index.
  12. To update this for 3.2.3 simply change line 26 to: public function boardIndexTemplate($lastvisit="", $stats=array(), $cat_data=array(), $show_side_blocks=true, $side_blocks=array())[/CODE] And line 44 to: [CODE] return parent::boardIndexTemplate($lastvisit, $stats, $cat_data, $show_side_blocks, $side_blocks);
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