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  1. I would like the same options in data fields as Downloads because now i can't use it because i need extra information added to the images.
  2. Its a problem in the Google code it self, because if i do <p>This is a test</p> The text is on the right spot.
  3. But if i disable all first and it still happens its not an add-on.
  4. Going to reupload the themes. Is their a way to disable all add-ons in one go.
  5. The system said that global and navbar where edited i revert them back but still no joy. I just checked default theme and have same issue.
  6. @TAMAN I have issues with Google ads. If i enable the following locations " Just below the page header" and " Just above the page footer" i get very weird results. The first is below page header that is seen as follows. Its above the navigation bar and that acts weird to if you enable ads. See next picture. With enabling " Just below the page header" i also get ads in the sidebar. In the blog entries in our volunteer section and blog comments and a little on that is outside every box. With " Just above the page footer" i get the ad above navbar and no where else. If i turn off it all works is this a theme error or something else.
  7. @Fosters what also would be nice to have is when accepted that you can do an action. Meaning that if i accept someone from category x i can send a PM X that is all ready typed out for the biggest part but i can still adjust.
  8. @Fosters can we have a reversed sorting the once that are accepted at the bottom and that need to be approved at the top. Also i would like to see a decline button so you would have Accept, Decline and Delete. This way you can keep the declined applications.
  9. It looks good but i wish this could also be used to manage users/volunteers would love to see that you can add fields just like the form application.
  10. @Fosters when you have time can you look at the breadcrumb because when there is a & in it or a space it does not work. Also normal operation also do not work like application.
  11. If i want to disable the whole application that would be easy to do just remove permissions. But now the following I agree if i want to disable the Social Media its permission based and can be done asap. But look at the "function" in the screenshot here i have 4 options, team leader, group leader, moderator and administrator. The function team- and group leader is for one person only that are filled at the moment. So if i do not want people to select does i need to remove them but if position is open again add it. Now i am asking to disable to following: As you can see i can only delete Team Leader and Group Leader but not say do not show to anyone so disable it so it cant be selected. If disabled i can enable it again when needed.
  12. No its not worth releasing a fix for this. @Fosters i have a feature request we use our application for volunteers and what position they want to have. But some positions we only need one others two etc etc.. But what i now need to do is delete a function and recreate it when needed again. I want to suggest the following an option that allows us to hide an option you have. If i have field type I want the option to disable the question so i still see it but its no longer asked in the application. But when you have field type you get options i want to have the ability to turn of the options to.
  13. @Fosters i have found an issue. When you are in the modcp>applications>one of the categories. You see the columns Member, Date, Manage and Approved if you click the members name you expect to goto the profile of that person but you are linked to https://phylogenyexplorerproject.org/index.php?app=core&module=members&controller=members&do=edit&id=30 and that page does not exist.
  14. Cant wait for the release then its something we can use asap.
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