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  1. Yes you can educate people but if its not inline what they expect to work it becomes harder to teach. Also most of our people are on mobile and some stuff just does not work on iPad for example.
  2. For you and me it works, for the people that visit the site, they have problems with it. Because normal bbcode does not work and they do not know that 3xenter breaks the quote where the put the cursor, its not how other forum software works. So they are in the dark how to proceed, making a button would be easy to break the quote.
  3. Its a problem in the Google code it self, because if i do <p>This is a test</p> The text is on the right spot.
  4. here my comment Doing 3 taps on enter to insert your own comment is not intuitive pressing a button is.
  5. But if i disable all first and it still happens its not an add-on.
  6. Going to reupload the themes. Is their a way to disable all add-ons in one go.
  7. The system said that global and navbar where edited i revert them back but still no joy. I just checked default theme and have same issue.
  8. With most Forum software you do quote and it shows as follow. [QUOTE="we_are_borg, post: 0, member: 1"]Some nonsense[/QUOTE] So then i can do this [QUOTE="we_are_borg, post: 0, member: 1"]Some[/quote]here my comment[quote] nonsense[/QUOTE] @Joy Rex that looks nice but is not a solution for me.
  9. Yes i know but if people press the quote under a post its contained in a quote box and you cant seem to break that box like you did above. Like so. You can't break it how it always worked with BBcode you need to press enter and then it breaks and you can type between the quote boxes. Why not an button in the editor that does this.
  10. @TAMAN I have issues with Google ads. If i enable the following locations " Just below the page header" and " Just above the page footer" i get very weird results. The first is below page header that is seen as follows. Its above the navigation bar and that acts weird to if you enable ads. See next picture. With enabling " Just below the page header" i also get ads in the sidebar. In the blog entries in our volunteer section and blog comments and a little on that is outside every box. With " Just above the page footer" i get the ad above navbar and no where else. If i turn off it all works is this a theme error or something else.
  11. The quote system can use an overhaul. With the section above i want reverse quotes so you can quote put own text in then continue the quote interject etc.
  12. I would like to see the following in Groups. 1. A Club should be a mini website 2. When you make a Club a can make forums but you get them as tabs but i want to have a Forum tab and the group owner can make categories and forum into the category just like the normal system. 3. This system should also work for Gallery, Downloads etc etc 4. When a store is made it should function like a store in a store concept, you should be able to collect rent when they use the store option. 5. There should be a ClubCP where Club owners can control there group. 6. AdminCP should be able to grant permission per Club if they can use forum, gallery, ip.pages etc.
  13. I would like to see an option where you can send an email to an email address per calendar category. So if you make an entry it gets all ready posted in the calendar and as a post but now as an email.
  14. @Fosters what also would be nice to have is when accepted that you can do an action. Meaning that if i accept someone from category x i can send a PM X that is all ready typed out for the biggest part but i can still adjust.
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