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  1. Hi, sorry guys but due to some personal issue with IPS i can't support my files anymore, I'm looking for a new developer to support this file, this file will be support for free so anyone who needs refund please send me PM thanks
  2. Hi, sorry for this problem, I've uploaded a new fix for this problem
  3. Hi, I'm working on it, thanks for reporting
  4. it seems you didn't upload files in right place, does this files exists? '{IPS4_ROOT_FOLDER}/system/3rd_party/Sod/Emojis.php' also please make sure your apache or nginx user (_www?) have right to access this files
  5. Hi, please upload contents of 'UPLOAD' folder to your IPS4 root directory then try to install the plugin
  6. it's one of my favorites, but I'm not sure about permission, I'll give it a try
  7. Hi, now only EmojiOne and Twemoji are supported, Add new themes are in my todo list
  8. try installation with browser on incognito mod (private mod), maybe that helps if that didn't fix the problem your server php didn't config well
  9. it has an built in option for this: https://github.com/sijad/IPS4RemoteLogin/blob/master/remote.php#L19
  10. an updated version of this script available here: https://github.com/sijad/IPS4RemoteLogin you can fetch profile field like this: http://localhost/ips4/remote.php?key={key}&id={user_id}&do=field&fgroup={profile_field_group_id}&fid={profile_field_id}
  11. https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7272-easy-menu/ i guess it will do it
  12. Hi, yes it's possible to resize emoji and it's very easy, you can change emoji size in ACP settings as well as load smaller image size, in my demos site real emoji size is 64x64 but with ACP setting I've changed them to show as 32x32, because it'll look sharper in retina displays, also you can change settings to load emoji as SVG too
  13. Hi, can you send me latest logs in PM? so i can take a closer look, thanks
  14. I'm sorry for this delay, I'm investigation this thanks for reports
  15. i just upload new version ?
  16. .MD files are text file you can open them with your text editor, Document also available here: http://skinod.com/portfolio/8/emojis/document ​
  17. Please let me know what problem you facing right now? if you can't uninstall the plugin please send me PM, I'll help you to remove it ​thanks for your patient, I'll do my best ​Thanks for confirmation, I've found some bugs on chat BTW, I'm working on them now
  18. Hi, new version is available
  19. All problems are fixed, but emojis have some problems on IP.Chat, I'm working on them now, I'll upload new version very soon
  20. I'm sorry guys for delay, I'll upload new version soon today
  21. after all file copied and replaced my dev site show only white page, if i remove hooks.txt site load normally but still can't finish update process
  22. sijad


    Hi, yes it's useless, I'll remove it
  23. ​Hi, yes, new version is available but I'm waiting for other customers to confirm they problem fixed. in new version inline css removed also some other improvement took place please let me know if you need prelease
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