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  1. Bump...anyone have any idea how to do this? 🙂
  2. Hi, I tried looking for this in the settings of the ACP for my forum and for the life of me I cannot find the settings for it. I need to be able to disable the setting that lets a member leave a conversation (especially between moderators/admins and a member). How do I do this?
  3. Okay. I guess I'm going to go ahead and manually register her, since there really isn't any reason for me to not do so. It sounds like it could just be a fluke or something, I guess, so we'll see. XD Thank you for helping and answering my questions! I think we're all good now. 😄
  4. Yeaaah, kind of my thought exactly. XD The only reason I know that they tried to register to begin with is because they entered my Discord server and mentioned it, but right now I have no reason to suspect that they're actually a spammer based on the interaction I've had with them so far. @Jennifer M Can you give me more details as to why it might have flagged her? Is it possible that it's just like...a fluke or something? If I manually register an account for them, would they have to use an entirely different e-mail address in order to bypass the spam settings?
  5. Thanks for the quick response! I just looked in the spam defense log and it looks like they have a level 4 response, whatever that means. It's showing it four times. So...what does that mean and how do I change it or whatever? What should it be on?
  6. Hi, I have someone who is trying to join my forum that received an error code (see attachment) when they tried to register. They use gmail, I already searched in my ACP for the e-mail address and it didn't come up. They said they tried to register from their Samsung phone and then from their Chromebook computer. We have a LOT of people (including myself) who use gmail and this is the first time we've had someone try to register and get this error code, which is 2S129/1. Any idea why they are getting this error and how to fix it? We've been using IPS for almost a year now and we definitely have registrations turned on. I'd like to get this fixed a.s.a.p!
  7. Hi, I know this is an older response, but it deals with what I'm trying to do. First, how would I use that option to display a custom field below the title in the Supergrid listings, and second, how do I hide the 'Summary:' label when there is no summary value entered? I'm trying to allow members to include a short summary viewable on the listing, like this: https://worldsmyths.com/library/public/ But the 'Summary:' bit shows up even when there is no summary entered. So I'm looking to hide the summary field when there is no value entered, and/or display the summary under the title instead of over the image. I don't mind it over the image -- I tweaked the CSS to make it work okay -- but it limits it to something very short. I appreciate any help you can offer, thank you!
  8. Well apparently this is something that I could have done myself in my cPanel, but I was not aware of it. 🙄 they did it for me, so hopefully this is resolved now!
  9. I have no idea. I'm not sure that they are really understanding what the issue is. I'll tell them to do what you said...hopefully they understand that.
  10. Okay, so the Pages issue is all set. However, my hosting provider is STILL telling me to "Please provide us with the steps to recreate the issue from our end so that we could assist you further" for the CRON issue. ...any suggestions for the heck I need to tell them? I have no steps to give them on my own - the error just appeared out of nowhere in the ACP, so it's not like it's something that I did to screw it up.
  11. Okay, here's a stupid (for me) question... Last night, I let the ACP "dismiss" the error message for the CRON that gave the full command that it was showing (see my first screenshot). How do I get that error message back so that I can copy that code it was telling me needs to be run? I only have what's in the screenshot but it's not the full code. When I dismissed it, it said "dismiss until tomorrow," so I'm assuming that at some point it will return on its own, hopefully, but if not...is there a way for me to see it again so I can get the code and send it to my host?
  12. Ugh, lovely. XD I might have to wait until my co-admin can fiddle around with it and try to fix it. 😐 I thought that maybe it was related to the CRON error, but it makes sense that it would be because of the upgrade.
  13. I didn't, because I had no idea how to do it. I sent a support ticket to my host and they came back and said "what are the steps we need to replicate this on our end?" but I don't know what to tell them. The CRON selection was already being done by default I think. This only just happened after we finally upgraded the software, so I'm not sure if that somehow has something to do with it. I did put in a support ticket to IPS (after I made this post) and they suggested that the second error with the Pages template is possibly due to the software upgrade, but they didn't tell me anything about the CRON. I have no idea what supergrid is. My co-admin usually takes care of this kind of thing and she's the one who installed everything when we decided to use IPS, but unfortunately she's not going to have internet access for quite some time, so I need to try and get this figured out sooner rather than later.
  14. Hi, Last night, I got smacked in the ACP with this error. Earlier tonight, I decided to just select the "run automatically with traffic" option in the screenshot below and see if that would somehow help So I did that, but we're currently using the Pages app as a library for fiction submissions (it's a writing forum) and when I go to any of the submissions currently in the library, it gives this error: I'm guessing that it's because of having selected the "run automatically" option - I think it says something about how it can take a while to actually take effect or something, but I want to make sure that that's actually the case and not due to something else. I did try to contact my host (Hawkhost) and their response was basically "give us the steps so that we can recreate this on our end," but...I don't really have steps to give them? XD It's happening on its own, randomly. The site doesn't get tons of traffic as far as I really know, but it's definitely not quiet, though I suppose compared to most forums it's probably quiet, especially at the moment. Anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this, and what to tell my host? I'm not very savvy with the technical side of this (especially with IPS) so I'm hoping that this is an easy fix. XD
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