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    Heosforo got a reaction from Joel R in Team Talk: What is your hidden talent?   
    Nice to see musicians here
    Waiting for adriano's song and any other contribution.
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    Heosforo reacted to TDBF in Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon   
    File & Image manager integrated into the CKEditor, to allow the reuse of images and files straight from the server without uploading the same image time and time again (Save server space for us poor people).
    Also, fix CMS blocks placements. So we can place a block on an Article page without it also showing up on the category page etc. This makes CMS unworkable for us an Article website.
    Please, thank you
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    Heosforo got a reaction from espacemusculation in Invision Community 4.2   
    I really like the new Invision style
    What happened with comments and random block content for Pages?
    Could someone from the staff clarify this please?
    It's a little annoying to use Pages, knowing it's now more flexible but less useful.
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    Heosforo reacted to Daniel F in IPS Community Suite 4.1.10 Available   
    Please apply following patch 
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