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    DJ ZAh got a reaction from VahnPetit in 4.5: Zapier Brings Integration with Over 2,000 Web Apps   
    Would love to be kept in the loop.  Now running of Invision but under Community Enhancements, no Zapier yet however if you go to Zapier and search for Invision it does show up and if you click on Connect it needs the API key which isn't available yet since the Zapier enhancement isn't yet available on Invision Community.  <bummer dude>

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    DJ ZAh reacted to Interferon in 4.5: Blog Categories   
    Right, because end users are going to come up with sensible categories they will all share.
    I have to rename the majority of our submitted files in the downloads system because people can't use capitalization properly, misspell words, or add weird symbols to their titles. Probably 100% of the time I have to rewrite their descriptions because they don't use complete sentences. If you allow users to screw things up, they will any way they can.
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    DJ ZAh reacted to LoPoSt in 4.5: Blog Categories   
    We have exactly the same problem
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    DJ ZAh reacted to Interferon in 4.5: Blog Categories   
    This feature is incredibly confusing. It's just an extra field to fill in when writing a blog, and I have no idea what I am supposed to type. My users are going to be perplexed.
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    DJ ZAh reacted to BN_IT_Support in 4.5: Blog Categories   
    Will we be able to set "permissions" on the blogs categories?
    That would be a really important feature for us. We would like to have some blogs as "members only" but to have other blogs as "public". If these new blogs categories support permissions that that should solve our problem as we would be able to give the "Guest" group access to only the public blogs categories.
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    DJ ZAh reacted to Sonya* in 4.5: Club Improvements Roundup   
    We could have even more privacy if we would have categories for clubs. E. g. by setting permission to category of who can view it and clubs inside the category. 
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    DJ ZAh reacted to Square Wheels in Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon   
    Interesting, would be great if it worked.  I tried on a few different pages, but here and my site.  Terrible results.
    I really wish they would bring back the print option, I've been asked for it many times.  I guess the big customers don't want it, so the rest of us can't have it. 
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