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  1. *bumped twice* one day the author might give reply about this problem with the names on forum index everyone name shows a "> after it, see screenshot posted on 6th June
  2. This would be great as the IPB default skin imho, makes 3.2 look way better and less "facebook" , nice one ajouz :)
  3. *bump* Would be nice to get a bit support from the skin maker :yawn:
  4. Only one avatar showing :
  5. Personal experience so far I would have to say I doubt very much I will upgrade until I have no other choice, now I fully understand it is a very competitive market and I fully respect the amount of work thats gone into it. Some features I can see as being very handy especially within the ACP side like making skinning easier etc but I feel there is also things I would class as "bloatware" that 99% of members will never even notice far less use. I've spent nigh on 2 years work and a lot of money on custom made mods, a couple which were never public release and now find that most mods have errors or skin problems which will mean more time and money to rectify. For some reason the entire look keeps screaming out facebook to me and although I know this will probably please a lot of customers, I am one of the few that it won't as I completely detest facebook and anything that remotely looks like it. I still would never run any other forum software as I have always said IPB was the dogs since my 1st account back in I think it was 04 but I will be in the 1% that are not a fan of this latest generation. Sorry and no offence intended,. John
  6. Great looking skin and so easy on the eyes :) many thanks Fisana
  7. :o How rude ! The man has done everyone a massive favour by taking the shout on..............get real and show some manners. Thanks to Michael, without whom I would have been stuck many times in the past :)
  8. Still trying to figure out the bit code showing on the index page if anyone knows how to get rid of it please
  9. oops didn't notice that, oh well i've coloured them now
  10. Works a treat with ibEconomy now, nice job and thanks :)
  11. Couple of small problems i'm sorry to say 1. sidebars have not taken on the colours as you can see here : 2. bit of code showing by user name on index 3. footer are should have translator in it like : but shows blank Apart from these its a great skin, I love the entire concept of it :D PS. where did you hide the board width lol I like em to be around 98% ;0
  12. hole team ? didn't know they had took up doing roadworks as a side line :drool: times must be hard :laugh: :laugh: (sorry couldn't resist) :rofl:
  13. @ibE no it doesn't m8 just tried it and all members show as 0
  14. Don't like where the status update is "hidden" only stumbled over it on way to messanger lol

  15. New joint ops server up and running, now to do some stress relief killing lol

  16. Anyone in the gaming scene know a joint ops server host ?

  17. Many thanks for the help Ajouz, worked a treat :D
  18. Thank you Ajouz :) please let me know if you perhaps need access to view it
  19. Hi, 1st let me say this is a terrific skin for free and my members really like it :) I am having one problem with Fusion menu drop down on it tho and was hoping you might have an idea what could cause it. It is showing as you can see here but the menu does not drop down as it should and does on all my other skins, it is most likely a simple fix but sadly I cannot find it. Hope you can help, John :)
  20. Works perfectly so far :D Nice job and many thanks.
  21. Still is :lol: thanks for the help :)
  22. If I go into acp to edit a member and then into the 'points' tab to give that member points,. lets say 50, then save.............it still shows as that member having 0 points in that field
  23. don't mind in the least :)
  24. Having the same problem on my forum i'm afraid, members points are remaining at 0, any idea's gratfully recieved. John
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