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  1. Well his last reply was 2 month ago so am thinking not anytime soon tuan :( shame to see this go stagnant
  2. Has this been scrapped ? was interested in buying it but not much point if it doesn't work right
  3. Top notch as always Dawid, many thanks great mod :D
  4. Ryan Ashbrook has kindly taken this hook on from me as I no longer have time due to real life commitments.
  5. Planetby


    I'm willing to pay for that being done Mike
  6. Planetby


    Hi Mike, thanks for posting that for me now I see where I was going wrong :lol: What can I say i'm what we call in Scotland an eejit (idiot) 90% of the time. Thanks again for the help :)
  7. Planetby


    Been trying to do this for the past couple weeks but no joy yet :( If I happen to find out I will be sure to let you know
  8. Planetby


    Permissions aren't an issue Mike as the Portal is all guest viewable, just something to add into a block that I can pull a specific topic. A Featured Topic block is what i'm trying to achieve if possible :)
  9. Planetby


    No surferboy I am meaning the portal blocks, i've tried for about a week :lol:
  10. Planetby


    Anyone know how to do this ?
  11. Planetby


    Not really a support question I guess but maybe someone already does this and would care to share :) Trying to make a block that only pulls topics from specified topics, that I can basically just change the topic ID numbers. Thanks for any help
  12. Well I do get where you are coming from Wolfie and of course everyone has their own opinions, personally I believe it can be a useful add-on when used wisely. I use it myself at times though only for specific user groups to ensure they all get the required info for our meet ups (fishing). I don't believe a member should be able to not receive ADMIN mails, it is the admin's site and it may be important info Just my opinion tho, each to their own :)
  13. Dawid, works perfectly and as described on my own board :) Hope you are well been a long time since we last chatted.
  14. Already available as a mod >> Works perfectly and it is FREE !...........oh and search can be a wonderful tool if you use it :lol:
  15. I'm convinced Charles has my house bugged or something, over the past 10 yrs every time I'm kinda getting a bit bored and "glancing" at other forum software's (never too seriously btw) BAM!!! Something awesome comes out, keep up the great work and thank you to all the team :) **sits back patiently awaiting its release**
  16. Many thanks to Ajouz for all the time spent tracking this down and fixing it, you are a true gent :)
  17. Sorry was making some food, nothing has been edited and I sent you login if it helps you to see what it might be :)
  18. Sorry to be a pain but Topic mode for some reason is totally wonky on my forum : Any idea's ? PS: its the same in IE and FF
  19. That did the trick Ajouz, nice one :D
  20. Well I would but there is no such file :rofl: :lol:
  21. When I install I get this error Bit baffled by it as I dont have "pages" and dont see any reference to it in database either PS. Only happens on this skin m8, 7 others don't through this error
  22. Already did it for you m8, seems theres a glitch in the marketplace. Went to your site to get it and forgot my password and when I tried to recover via "forgotten password" did not get the usual e-mail :lol: Just not my day I guess
  23. :unsure: keep getting an error in marketplace when I try to buy this, tells me "invoice already paid" :rofl:
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