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  1. True because if where going to be trying to fix the issue how can we look up and understand the problem to fix it if were the ones as the admins.
  2. we might make it public once eveything is finished. Can you all make it public like it was in the past?
  3. Is this still being work on or has it been publish yet?
  4. IPB just came out with 4.4.0 less than a month ago sorry wrong version of what I said early. I wanted to see if Keyword Tooltips 3.1.5 will be updated to work with the newest release due to some structure changes because of the update IPB did. Current it only supports Compatibility 4.3.
  5. Will Keyword Tooltips be supported for IPB 4.1.1?
  6. Correct Nexus is IP.Commerce, but there should be a way to do it via so that signing up is not needed.
  7. Is there a way to sell stuff with IP.Downloads that people can just click on it enter their Paypal and pay for it? Without signing up for a full account and stuff in Nexus? Something like https://gumroad.com This is for just for digital content.
  8. Does Random Logos 1.1.0 work with IPB 4.3?
  9. I would have to sign in twice when I choose the link.
  10. Signing in to the community then I have to sign in to Client Area. It just a little pain to do both all the time. I thought IPB had a Master Slave thing that allows for to installs to talk to each other so that they can be not connected but still have the same sign in or share the same allow signin so thus I don't have to signin twice. Hope that made sense. I just got to keep signing in twice all the time just a bane. Could this be fix to allow one signin for both one time?
  11. I'm joyful at some of the changes that came into Gallery Will the front page get modernize as well? Current were stock with a static page (in terms of layout) and much work has been done on the uploading and sorting of images. But not much has been improve on the front page to the gallery system from 4.X. There are not many option (much of one) to allow user to change the layout design by user or admin. I ask in the blog but gotten no reply to if there will be any work done to the front page for allowing different function viewpoints to how people want there Gallery to open up to. In the past pictures pop up some randomly I like the feature but it was totally taken out and the current option for the Gallery has been put on the Admin's and communties. Would it have been better to add as an option to allow that feature or some other ones to choose and add diversity to Gallery system?
  12. @bfarber Is there any plans in the works to look at the front page to give users more options like blocks or something for Admin to change it up than be set forever as it is? Just a change to allow Admin's to do more with Gallery.
  13. Has there been any work done on the front page layout to give owners more options? I enjoy the moving pictures in the version before this and not it just all gone and no options to how we would like it to look. Thoughts? Hotlink is in the admin backend settings, I don't know about the download thing to if on how to address that, he does state above about the 100 picture upload limit. FTP was in the gallery but they took it out and never put it back.
  14. Why not export something so people could work with it?
  15. Is IP.Gallery going to get some love? There has been nil to much of anything to improve it from when IPB 4 came out.
  16. I can't seem to figure out how to add CSS files to the Edit HTML and CSS area of a theme. I have these two CSS files but don't know how to upload them to the framework. Thoughts?
  17. Quick help! Thanks @Mike John
  18. Sure sorry been busy with stuff. It does look like it the theme that is doing it.
  19. @Mike John Any help on this?
  20. I'm taking care of a problem within Nexus right now on IPS and I have to go all the way to the bottom of the page as show below in the attachment and read the reply and than have to scroll all the way to the top just to go to the next page. Now this is okay for a few post but when you have ah whole pages worth of replying (27 post) and than the next page has 3 so far. It is very troublesome to restore the paging back to the bottom of the tickets? It sort of troublesome that it was remove. I already made a post about it from the Admin side here. I was not being effected but now is sort of getting on my nervous from scrolling all the way down than back up. I'm looking at it now from the client standpoint.
  21. They had server side uploading from a folder in the old days of gallery in 3.1 vs 3.2
  22. I uninstalled the application than upgrade it and reinstalled it. When I uploaded my logos to but the skin is not changing with the banners.
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