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  1. This! Is there no way just to display what I type in without clicking on a link? IMO, I like that better or should at least be an option! Please allow to display the full announcement text (no need to click a link to "open" the announcement)
  2. If you have your groups set up to use colors it's in the ACP. ACP / Members / Profiles / Profile Settings / Display Settings -> "Global"
  3. I have this setup as a guest welcome message with a signup link that displays in the bottom right corner. Is there a way to keep that displayed but everything in the background to be clickable? I'd like to keep the message displayed but guests able to still browse the forum. Thanks!
  4. Anyone one else having issues with the announcements just displaying a link? I choose content and type some stuff in but then it always only displays the "subject" as a link, click on it and then it opens a popup window of what I typed in. I just want it the old way where you can read what I type without clicking on anything!?
  5. Having the same issue here. Just in general though, nothing to do with moving a topic or anything, Topic is read, but icon stays highlighted like it's unread.
  6. Having this issue with links doing this on any kind of refresh of the page after just "updating" the theme. https://imgur.com/a/YCvJe
  7. Thanks! Such great work and support!
  8. If I remove that, from the Moderator group then I as an Admin lose the button to approve Clubs.
  9. I only see this which gets it to work as an Admin (me) with a Club I created: Has leader privileges in all clubs? On Can feature and unfeature clubs? On Under Members / Staff / Moderators / Clubs I don't get that under Members / Staff / Administrators I get the Clubs toggle: Can view list of clubs? On Can edit club name, privacy and owner of clubs? On Can create content areas in clubs? On Can edit content areas in clubs? On Can delete content areas in clubs, including the content inside them? On Can delete entire clubs, including all their content? On Can manage global club settings? Extra Fields All / None On Can view extra fields? Which I have it all set to On. Still wouldn't let me approve the Club. What am I missing?
  10. Guess no way to make this an Admin only feature?
  11. The new ticker update broke the way I used it. I had used to show post updates from my blog with a clickable link using HTML tags, now that don't work. It shows the HTML tags.
  12. Looks great so far and glad you took on the task of recreating this! I'd be willing to test it out for you, let me know!
  13. Where it says "Hello, <member name>". It would display the wrong member, and the "Topics participated in" displayed matched whatever member it displayed, not the member logged in.
  14. I was testing this for RAW awhile back, he kept sending me updated versions. For some reason, it would randomly show the wrong member name and topics to another member. The topics would match whatever name it decided to show. The last version I used up until the 4.2 upgrade was 1.0.11 and it still had the issue. I'd be glad to help with any support or testing if needed.
  15. Any news on this for 4.2? This is probably the most favorite plugin for my members. I had the issue with the wrong member being displayed, it would just come and go at random times. This plugin needs to happen though!
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