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  1. Having this issue with links doing this on any kind of refresh of the page after just "updating" the theme. https://imgur.com/a/YCvJe
  2. The new ticker update broke the way I used it. I had used to show post updates from my blog with a clickable link using HTML tags, now that don't work. It shows the HTML tags.
  3. Looks great so far and glad you took on the task of recreating this! I'd be willing to test it out for you, let me know!
  4. Where it says "Hello, <member name>". It would display the wrong member, and the "Topics participated in" displayed matched whatever member it displayed, not the member logged in.
  5. I was testing this for RAW awhile back, he kept sending me updated versions. For some reason, it would randomly show the wrong member name and topics to another member. The topics would match whatever name it decided to show. The last version I used up until the 4.2 upgrade was 1.0.11 and it still had the issue. I'd be glad to help with any support or testing if needed.
  6. Any news on this for 4.2? This is probably the most favorite plugin for my members. I had the issue with the wrong member being displayed, it would just come and go at random times. This plugin needs to happen though!
  7. Awesome, thank you! Great work and support as always!
  8. Joined the Club! Can you add a way to re-arrange the sliders? I like to have the newest one be first all the time, but that requires all the the others to manually be moved down.
  9. Awesome! Wasn't expecting a reply and update that quick! Again, great support!
  10. Not sure is this is possible, and goes back to theme updates and things saving, I change Title_Stripes.png under manage resources, and seems to be the only thing I have to re-do when updating (which isn't bad). Could this be added to the settings area since it's somewhat part of the overall theme look and some clients might change it?
  11. No changes to that, just settings and custom CSS.
  12. Can I just update it without losing everything I've changed? Only thing I hate about updating themes!
  13. It's great right now! All themes will have issues on a per site/personal style basis as well as things changing when IPS releases a new update. I've had it for about a week now, and every issue/question I've had has been fixed and answered quickly! Only other themes I'd suggest are from Ehren at IPSFocus. Great work and support as well.
  14. Can a setting be added to choose what skins we want to use it on? It's good if you only use 1 theme and 1 color scheme, but if you have multiple skins with different color schemes it don't look so good.
  15. This worked perfect! Thanks! I won't show you the way I had it.
  16. Can you add an option to disable the slider on mobile? EDIT: I asked the above cause I tried to change the slider. I want the entire slider to be clickable rather than a button. I got it to work somewhat, looks ok on non-mobile, but when viewing on mobile its no longer responsive. Is there a way to make the entire slider clickable without any text/button and still be responsive?
  17. Theme is finally live on my forums. Thanks for all the help and support! http://www.horrornightnightmares.com/forums/
  18. mz_

    Dreadnought Theme

    Well worth the price! Great looking theme with lots of customization! TAMAN provides great and quick support via the support topic in the forums! A+!
  19. Sorry, that was a duh! on my part. Switched to source and its fine now. I noticed when I add it to show on "Forums" it only shows it if I'm within a forum rather than just the front page,only way I can get it to show there is if I choose every page. I suggested to add a 2nd top one cause I'd like to have one for guests and then one if I want to add something like an announcement.
  20. Question about Global Widgets, does it not support HTML? I'm trying to create a guest message with two buttons, one for sign in and one for sign up but just shows the code instead. Also is it possible to add in a 2nd Top Global Widget? On https://www.lmgamers.net/forums/ is that Advanced Footer being used?
  21. When applying a cover text (private section), I'm trying to change the color of: Cover background (1) %70 Transparent From the default blue to a light red. but no matter what color I change it to, it don't change.
  22. Awesome, thanks so much! And thanks for the great support and quick replies!
  23. This worked perfect, thanks! What I'm trying to do is make read grey and unread white. These (fa-comments) only change colors using the read status and unread status settings in front end colors which works well. However when you go into the forums and you have topics that use fa-star and fa-circle, the read status and unread status settings does not affect those icons. I can change the blue star and blue circle to white by changing item status badges active in front end colors. If I change this to white, it's great for topics that have unread messages, but then the star that is already white can not be changed to reflect topics that have read messages. Read status and unread status should also change the colors of these stars and circles..
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