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  1. link for language pack is working does anyone know where i can get a language pack for version 3.1.2
  2. I too turned off all the rss feeds because the way the sidebar works
  3. Another suggestion for " Subscription Manager " would be that i can set up 2 tabs on my forum page 1 for subscriptions & 1 for advertisements so they can each have different packages set up also to be able to change name on the tabs
  4. my board is also having major issues with bbcode :) links everything i tried it in firefox (latest version) no fix at all ie8 did as someone said cleared cookies ect. it worked chrome nothing doing Q. does anyone have a a box above site logo says glow - when trying to reply to a topic in firefox? whats wierd on this forum these settings are working (:rolleyes:) but not on my site :whistle: im waiting
  5. Can there be an option when i choose to not show a package that those members package arent deleted but simply that package can not be purchased anymore
  6. I am desperately waiting for this to be finished. I also hope that there would be option for 2 type of packages that can be group separately like membership fees vs advertisement packages ( I dont like that with my membership packages I have to have my banner packages) also would be nice that even a paying member can see packages & extend his/hers membership instead of them needing to expire to repurchase
  7. Excellent point very annoying that I cant have subscribers extend their membership till they expire. Please fix
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