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  1. does anyone experiences a slowdown of the forum once several rules are enabled?
  2. sorry to ask if it was asked before , did Invision ever mentioned when 4.5 would be available?
  3. Has anyone accomplished this? Any issues with IPB and MariaDB 10.2? Any gotcha's? Thanks
  4. Ability to upload a file with email addresses or screen names to add to a club. In case we have a lot of members to add to a club, this would be a lot more convenient
  5. +1 add us to the list of people who think this is a ridiculous behavior Invision should go back to the old v3 behavior where all files for a category were listed, including the ones in sub-categories. I would much prefer if Invision would listen to us and fix this rather than having to resort to using a 3rd party tool for this. 3rd party tools tend to break with time (and updates)
  6. Daniel, I don't understand your comment.
  7. I don't have a host to contact. I'm currently using: PHP Version 5.5.32-1+deb.sury.org~trusty+1. Entry from php.ini file: zend_extension="/usr/lib/php5/ioncube_loader_lin_5.5.so". Thing I find really curious is why would ioncube even be called since none of the scripts running were encrypted.
  8. Yes, I have no maintenance tasks warning on dashboard and they are running when I select run automatically with traffic. When I select cron and enter the cron in my crontab I get that error. I would prefer to run as cron and trying to figure out why I get this error.
  9. Cron for task.php is not running. When I run it from the command line I get the following error: Why would I get this error on a php file that is not encrypted? Anyone else seen anything like this and fixed it?
  10. Recently upgraded from 3.4.9 to 4.1.9 and one issue that is causing me fits is the new URL format. Google is reporting broken links, users upset.... Old link: http://<forum homepage>/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=<file id number> New link: http://<forum homepage>/index.php?app=downloads&module=downloads&controller=view&id=<file id number> which is further changes to the newer friendly url. My question, do the background scripts parse over the posts and correct these links to the new format, has someone done a script to run through the posts database and find all these broken links and correct them and lastly, will Google eventually pick up the new links and stop complaining? Thank you for suggestions on dealing with this.
  11. Bought this a bit ago. Got it installed and it is enabled but how do I add this block to a page? I don't see it listed on the block manager. What am I missing? Never mind, must have been a cache issue. It just showed up under the block manager.
  12. Anyone have an idea on this one? I looked in /var/lib/mysql/test/ and that table does not exist. I'm trying to upgrade a 3.4.9 forum to the latest 4.1.7.
  13. I'm trying to widen the middle column in a three column layout made with Pages. Does anyone know how I can do this?
  14. Woodsman, thank you for hour procedure and your assistance. I'm glad that this script I had to bypass appears to not impact the upgrade process. Seems to be working well and I'm very happy. Does anyone know if a shout box like application is in the works for 4.0? Going to miss that if it is not. I looked at the applications available and didn't see it. Yes, I know it is still pretty early in the process but hoping to see it before transitioning from current 3.4.7 to 4.0.
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