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Solved Content Improvements

For a long time, Invision Community has supported a Question and Answer mode within the Forums application which allows a reply to be flagged as the "best answer" to the question posed. With the release of 4.5, we also introduced a way to allow topics to be marked as "solved" which introduces similar functionality without transforming the look and feel or other behavior of the forum itself.

Based on the popularity of this new addition in 4.5, we have made some further improvements to solved topics and answered questions in our next release.

Notification to topic/question starter

While notifications were available to the poster who answered a question or solved a topic with the release of 4.5, this release also adds notifications for the topic or question starter so that they can be made aware that an answer is available to their question.


Topic and question starters now get notifications for solutions

AdminCP Statistics

Solved topics and answered questions provide for measurable statistics that can help you determine the health and direction of your community, particularly for support communities. To that end, we have introduced two new content statistic blocks that can help you measure how well areas of the community that support answers and solutions are faring.


New AdminCP statistics

You can now quickly see the percentage of topics/questions that have been solved (relative to the total number posted in areas that support solutions), as well as the average time it has taken for a solution to be marked on a topic or question (relative to the time the topic or question was initially posted). These statistic blocks support time period filter, time period comparisons, and node filtering to narrow down the statistical data for your specific needs.

User profile enhancements

User profiles now show the number of solutions the user has posted, and also allows you to view all of those solutions, in a manner very similar to reputation.


Prolific problem solvers will now be called out boldly


Answers can be quickly found on user profiles

These improvements should help reward the most helpful users on your community by giving them more prestige and helping other users find their answers quicker.

Collectively, we hope that these changes make the question and answer and topic solution features in the Forums application more useful for your community members, and the administrators behind the community.



Recommended Comments

1. For the User Profile enhancements, this new type of Answer prestige can be better integrated into the rest of the suite.  In particular, on postbits and hovercards.   

2. For the ACP Statistics, these statistics are tied to changeable timeframes?  For example: Last Week, Last Month, Custom Timeframe, etc.  

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Nice little improvements 😀

Two things I'm still waiting :

  1. Ability to comment on answers. Quoting doesn't suit well on Q&A format.
  2. Q2A Importer - I'll be fine without this, as long as there's #1.

Right now I'm stuck with Q2A (which has a very very slow pace of development) because there are no other better alternatives.

Having this

is a bonus 😁.

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If you create a new forum you can choose 4 types of forums. 'Discussion', 'Question', 'Category' and 'Referral'. If you have a question and answer community like me, 9 of the 10 times a topic is a question so you have the option to mark a comment as an asnwer.

But sometimes I want te create a sticky topic which I use as a FAQ. And that's a discussion and not a question. So I'm wondering if it's possible to create a forum and determine per topic individual if it's an 'Question' or a 'Discussion'.


Forum: Smartphones

Topic: These are the best tips to add more storage space to your smartphone

So this is not a question. But in the same forum you want people to ask questions about smarthpones. And those topics will be 'Questions' so you can mark the right answers.

So my question is: is it possible to create a forum where you can determine per topic if it's a 'Question' or a 'Discussion'?

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