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Hello! I'm planning to move our forum's user-uploaded content (images, attachments, etc.) to S3 bucket compatible storage. I'd appreciate insights on:

  • Key Considerations: Are there any specific technical or logistical factors I should be aware of before making the switch?
  • Automatic Migration: Will existing images seamlessly transfer to S3, or is any manual intervention needed?
  • Test environment: Is it possible to use the test license to try this out first?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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1. When you do a move of your file storage, start with the smallest bucket in case anything goes wrong and the files get corrupted (eg. Blog covers). Theoretically, the transfer of file storage is a relatively easy move.  You simply change the file storage for whatever file type, and the system will download the files from the old location and then reupload to the new location. This is not a fast process. 

2. IPS only supports S3, they do not officially support S3 compatible.  You may potentially encounter issues when using S3 compatible when downloading attachments.  

Search for Wasabi to see discussions related to that storage method.  

3. S3 or S3 storage is cheap. Bandwidth is not cheap. Make sure you evaluate the total cost.

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