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Using 'Post in Webhooks by Zapier'

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Hello ,

I trying to set up an arrangement so that if someone joins a Club, they automatically follow its content.

I have successfully set up the trigger on zapier which recognises when someone joins a club. However, after an afternoon of trying, I can't get POST to create follow the update.

I'm trying to use the API post function with  core/members/{id}/follows

Here are the text boxes on zapier.

URL: https://{my_URL_here}/api/core/members/{member_id}/follows/?key={my key here}

Payload: json




{id number of club here}

Wrap Request in array: no

File: {left blank}

Unflatten: yes

Basic Auth: {left blank}

Headers: {left blank ?}


I have tried all sorts of combinations, but no joy.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.



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Ah, fixed it by posting with python code in zapier. Probably a weird way to do it but it works...

import requests
api_url_follow = '{my_URL}/api/core/members/'+input_data['member_id']+'/follows/?key={the_API_key}'
todo_follow = {
response = requests.post(api_url_follow, data = todo_follow)
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Seeing if you're passing the same information over the two mediums, it really would like be an issue with the variables which are created and passed. I would just verify the variables being passed in Zapier.

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