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Suggestion for Our Picks / Featured Content in V5: 'User Submission'

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I think I made a feature topic about Our Picks before, but I had this brainwave and wanted to share another idea.

It would be great to allow community members to 'suggest' content for promotion onto the Our Picks (or Featured, or whatever it's going to be called in V5) page. They could click a button saying "I loved this! Suggest for Promotion" or something, and a dialog could appear with a text field asking why they liked it and why they want it to be shown on the front page (so others may see it). These submissions could be collected into the ModCP and mods/admins could consider them for inclusion - if so, they can tweak a suggested headline and body copy much like they can with the current promote system.

They could also choose/create a Category for the Featured content to sit within (this is related to a past feature idea I had in the last topic I made - Our Picks should have the functionality for 'categories' so that mods/admins can promote content to certain 'buckets' that can be used as a filter when displaying on a custom homepage).

Reason why I think this might be good, is for large communities with a lot of content. Sometimes it can be difficult for just mods/admins to find and promote good content they see, if there are a lot of clubs/forums/pages etc to work through. And it would allow users to feel like they are helping to contribute to a community that they love.

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