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Our Picks - Future Suggestions


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Wanted to throw in some suggestions for V5 Our Picks, seeings as the whole thing may likely be re-imagined somewhat with the lack of social media support etc.

  • Filter by category/content type
    It would be good on the main Our Picks page to have some kind of filter option, maybe in a Tab Bar, that dynamically only shows items that relate to a particular 'node'/content type (i.e. click a "Topics" button and only promoted Topics appear, click a "News" button and only Promoted items from Page Records in a 'News' Database appear). Make this an option for Our Picks Blocks and allow for IPS Code to filter this out as well. I know there is a plugin or two out there that can allow for filters of this kind, but I'd rather have it baked into the core product.
  • Ability to pin entries to top
    Admins may want to set some promoted items to the top of the list for certain periods of time, to highlight an event period or something. It'd be useful to allow some promoted entries to be pinned, just like topics/page records etc.
  • Auto-promote certain content types
    I'm interested in exploring 'Our Picks' as a means to replace a homepage, but it would be really efficient if I could make it so that, whenever a particular type of content is posted (let's say, for my desired example, a Page Record in a 'News' database), it would be auto-promoted to the list. I know that the point of Our Picks is manual curation, and for most content I would want to do this (community-generated content like Topics, for example), but for content types I know will always be mod/admin approved, I think it would add some flexibility and save on repetitive donkey work for admins to include an option for this.
  • Do not delete older items on re-promote
    Not entirely sure why this happens, but I've noticed that whenever a content item is "re-promoted", the older promoted instance is deleted in favour of the newer re-promotion. It doesn't really offer a level of permanence that I'd like to see in a feature like this (some admins may want to re-promote content for different reasons at different times, too), so I think there should be an option to stop this from happening. 
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