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Payments with Stripe and taxes

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Just want some more information about how Stripe works with subscriptions when it comes to taxes.

Stripe has "Stripe Tax" which helps you manage your tax codes and will correctly determine the tax amounts and rules based on customer location.

When I set up Stripe as my payment method, and someone makes a subscription purchase on my community, once they get to the payment part, are the customers actually checking out with the Stripe system? and will it incorporate the Stripe Tax system if it is set up in stripe correctly?

I have read the walkthrough on setting it up in CP and will have no issue with that part but I am new to using payments, API and web hooks, so any info on the flow of the payment would be great! 


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When you use anything as a payment method on our system, we send the exact amount you are setting on commerce as the amount they should be paying. You should be setting any tax amounts needed on commerce. Of course if stripe then alters that amount after the fact, we would have no knowledge of that.

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