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Creating Test Users

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Hi Guys


Want to create some test accounts. What would the login page URL be if we create these as bulk by using .CSV? Admin CP does not work as I've tired that already. All our other users come via Wordpress with SSO but these ones we don't want to be or have Wordpress accounts and be in our CRM.

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Hmm we have 404 for that path


Do we have to create that page manually?


Our normal users access the community via logging into WordPress and then within their course (LifterLMS) they have a link on the top menu to the community that takes them there directly.

Thats fine and works for us but yeah these test users we don't want to create Wordpress and Lifter accounts for so were wondering what the direct login page URL is for users we create directly in Invision. 

Should add we are using SSO plugin

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I tried deactivating our Wp-Admin redirect login plugin but yeah made no difference. This URL

https://Our-Site/community/login/ still goes to a 404 page.

Does Invision create a normal login page and also the admin login page upon installation? Could we have disabled the normal login page in settings?

Could the SSO plugin be forcing people to have to have a Wp account and only login via that route?

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