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Signatures not visible to logged-in members


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There is a permission to "Show signatures to guests?" under Profiles in the ACP and the signatures are visible to guests with this enabled.

But the signature of other users/mods is not visible to logged-in members as this setting is at the user-level accessible only in the ACP > Member > Edit Preferences. It is not practical to configure this setting for each registered member in the ACP.

I guess the permission "Show signatures to" should have the checkbox list of all groups (Administrators, Moderators, Members, Guests, etc) instead of just Guests.

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I turned off signatures for members but want them to see signatures of other groups who have signatures enabled.

Because members don't have signatures enabled, they don't have access to View Signatures switch on the Signature page under Account Settings because the Signature menu itself is not rendered for members to access the View Signatures switch. Maybe, the Signature menu and page should be rendered with View Signatures switch but the Signature box should not be rendered for members with this config? It may be graceful to have this switch at the group level too in ACP. Most members never visit their Account Settings to turn on the switch (even if it is available) and never get to see others' signatures.

Please clarify...

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