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Events - v5 Native Enhancements


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Just passing a long a list of Events enhancements I feel would be useful for many sites that use Events.

1.  Door Prizes

One caveat to Events I've experienced in my communities that maybe IC can add to it in v5 is Door Prizes!

For some of our in person Events, we have Door Prizes that are given by the site and donated by sponsors,  business, and members.  It's great to highlight these in the Event itself to increase interest in attending, but to also recognize those that may have contributed Door Prizes to the Event (i.e. sponsors, businesses, members, etc).  Adding a layer to the Event that showcases these is very helpful.  In addition, for those who use affiliate linking, it adds another level of viewing/sharing products and generating revenue for the site.

2. Improve RSVPing with Guest Counts/Management

Another caveat is managing RSVP details for Events that have limited capacity and not all attendees will be members but may also include their guests.  Allowing a member to RSVP and also manage their guest count is very beneficial as it's not reasonable for all guests to register as members just to RSVP.  This too feeds into accurately planning and managing head counts, ensuring no one gets turned away at the Event, and allocating Door Prizes for Events.

Just some food for thought as I feel like these are very helpful native features that apply to corporate, small business, and hobby related sites.

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