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Subscription Launches

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Hi team,

I need to make "Launches" 3 times at year and I've 5 membership levels (with initial price for a course) and monthly renewals for community access. So when we are on launch time we should show all subscriptions to sell for new members. But when we aren't in launch time we only show renewal subcription to old members that bought any subscription level any time.

If I disable "allow purchases" in every subscription take this function only for one subcription bought, but not for the rest. And I can't create new subscriptions for a limited groups.

So, do we have any way to make this function?

Thanks a lot!

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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

If you are looking to only show items to certain groups, the only way to do this would be by using renewable product, rather than subscriptions. 

Thanks @Marc Stridgen, I think that are another problem in my first idea, because if I sell subscription and allow access to the course, If this user not renewal any month he will not can view this course. And by other way, the courses purchase allways have for ever access. We can't sell a course for 1 year access and updates for example.

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