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Improvements in the awarding of points and achievements.


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When a user writes something, the content counter increases, as it should.
At some point, the user rank is increased, badges are assigned and groups are promoted.

If you delete content now (e.g. spam in a club) the counter does not decrease, user rank remains and a user who effectively has almost no content because everything is always deleted has a high rank and so on.

There are rules like new content created (+10 points), user followed (+2 points), you could also get negative rules like content is deleted (-8 points), user is unfollowed (-1 point)?

Could you get an option that content from clubs will not be counted, content from forums where the option that content will not be counted is set, will not be included in the forum statistics.

And last but not least, that when you rebuild achievements, you could select which achievements are not affected. 

As an example from practice:
The success "Visit our community at Easter".
For this we have created a rule, which is active for the Easter days and then deactivated again. With a new build of the successes, this success is withdrawn from all users. 

This would make the whole system, which is really nice and well received in the community, a little more solid against abuse.

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