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better value members and groups


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the real differences in all existing and comparable products (forums, groups, LMS ...) to which IPB could stand out even better is to show members and groups that they are better valued, followed, supported

IPS already has excellent settings for groups, members etc.

can you in the future introduce something even more adapted according to the situation and the moment than the PM and the reactions which will please the members?

Quick instant messages (reaction not chat) following a message on the forum or various successes, the opening of a private discussion on a subject or course following the commitment of a member, a file (school or other follow-up) or the administrator can quickly know who the member is precisely (his needs, his expectations, his projects), the remarks of his parents (tutoring forum), absences...

that it is adobe and its similar in their products offered online, among their weak point which appears to me and to which IPB could be better is that.

the admin panel around the aui self-help group members comes with /forum, groups, ...)

If the core of the site becomes the members and the groups with a valued follow-up and that the members are pleased, the site will succeed even if the architecture and the design is poor.

If the central base is the member, any product added to the site will work great and will surely succeed

the most important will always be the added value, benefits, having the latest design...

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