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Self-hosted vs. cloud drivers


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If asked and answered elsewhere, please feel free to give me the link.

As a satisfied and dedicated self-hosted client, who plans to remain so for a while, I just wanted to ask IPS about the self-hosted vs. cloud functionality differences. Are the differences technically-driven or business-driven? In other words, e.g. courses, who is viewing this topic, etc. are on cloud only because the implementation on self-hosted would be too technically complex or is it a business rationale to motivate a likely more lucrative cloud offering? Clearly, IPS is entitled to business-driven decisions, but I think it would be useful to know what drives the growing number of benefits to the cloud offering: programming or revenue?

Another question, which I respect IPS may not wish to answer, is the current % of self-hosted vs. cloud clients. Again, I respect it if you prefer not to say, a private corporation is private for a reason, but I thought I would ask nonetheless because it will give us an idea of the probable longevity of the self-hosted commitment. If self-hosted only represents 10%, then I can see the rationale for putting maximum effort into the cloud offering. If self-hosted is still over 50%, then I feel more comforted that we'll be supported for a longer time.

Both these questions are asked with an understanding of IPS' stated commitment to a self-hosted offering for the 'foreseeable future' (as per an IPS response on TrustPilot). But, admittedly, as you know, some of us in the self-hosted realm are starting to feel like an annoying cousin.

Thanks in advance and, not to be too repetitive, I am an IPS supporter and love the product. I just want to be further reassured of the benefits of my/our continued commitment to the platform.

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There have been a few discussions where these answers have been provided, among others. I would advise reading those, and comment with any concerns in those topics. I do not think we need to hash up these conversations again 🙂 .


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