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Help me 😞
Hello I have a problem because I want to change the address for my license because I changed it, how can I do it?

There seems to still be an installation of Invision Community at the URL on file. Before you can change the URL, you must first remove the existing installation.

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It says clearly that there is an installation of their software with your license on another web. Remove the installation from the old web and try again. And also, press "Change Licensed URL".

Could contain: Text

You cannot have 2 installations of IPS Software on 2 different websites. 
You can have 1 main installation and also 1 test installation.
www.yourcommunity.com - would be the main one.
www.yourcommunity.com/test - would be the test installation.

Quote from IPS Install and Upgrade docs.


Test Install

Your self-hosted license allows you to have one live installation (your actual community) and one test installation. We also allow an unlimited number of installations on "localhost" domains so you can test locally without restriction.

If you are installing on a test install, enter your license key with -TESTINSTALL on the end. If you are installing on localhost (it must be "localhost" specifically, not "" or any other alias), this will not count towards either of your installations, however, if you are installing on any other domain, it will count as your test installation.

This means that if you already have a test installation at a different URL, you will receive an error message that says "A test installation has already been activated for this license key. Your license key entitles you to one test installation only." There are three ways to overcome this:

1. You can delete your current test installation and reinstall at the same URL. For example, if your Test URL (as shown in the client area) is "example.com/test", you can install at example.com/test (meaning of course you'll have to delete whatever is there first) and you will not get the error message.
2. You can install on a localhost installation: localhost installations do not count towards your allowed usages.
3. Test installs are a one time url, so you should use a sub domain of your live site as an example, so in the future if you need to test a new server or setup, you can adjust your DNS to point that sub domain anywhere as needed.

Read more here. 


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If I could, I would delete the files from the old forum, but it is no longer there. All files were deleted and the domain I had when it expired was bought by someone else and uses it for himself. How can I remove this domain in some other way? Help

Could someone from the administration please remove this address from my license so I can add my own?

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