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PWA startup splash background color/image not displaying correctly on iPhone

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Having trouble getting iPhone to recognize a background_color update to the PWA manifest.  The apple-touch-startup-image links are correct in the site source code and CDN (correct image and correct background_color), as well as for the dimensions of my model iPhone, but the background of the startup image is not correct on the iPhone when the PWA is started.  I've tried wiping the iPhone website data and cache, restarting the device, removing and re-adding the PWA, both Safari and Chrome to Add to Home Screen,  but it still seems to be different than the apple-touch-startup-image for the device dimensions.

Any ideas?  Is there some other cache somewhere that needs to be cleared on my iPhone or is there some other image that is being pulled somehow?  Or is background_color being overridden by something else?

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