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Error on PayPal payment gateway

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A customer just wrote me that he was not able to make the paypal payment for a bigger order ( approx. 800 US$ ) and sent me an errormessage. I logged in with a test account to test the payment gateway. All was working - the paypal window popped up where you need to enter the code provided by SMS. But the amount which I tested was lower.

So my question is - was this just a temporary error or is there something need to be fixed ?

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I also checked the settings in AP - all looked normal since I never changed the settings anymore since the system is running.

Thanks for the help in forward.

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I did some further investigation :

It seems like when I order one product of 85 US$ then it works but when I order 5 of them then I get an error message. One week ago it was possible to make orders with more then 1 product - then I did the current upgrade and as it seems it's not possible anymore....

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