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Need help with TESTINSTALL License

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I've tried for days and days to bring up a test system like my old primary site with no real success. See this thread

I decided to delete the website files and do an install instead of an update and now I have the following error.

         A test installation has already been activated for this license key. Your license key entitles you to one test installation only.

I'm installing to the same location (sub domain) of the primary site. I've read other posts about someone from the support team having to "reset" something to be able to do this.

I stopped getting responses on the other thread linked above. I worked on this site for a while, but about three years ago I turned it over to someone else who chose never to update it so I need to move the primary site from to 4.7.9 so I was trying to build a test site that mimicked the primary site and upgrade it. I did that and the update disabled the test site and so I decided to see if I could just do a new install and ran into the license issue. 

Hoping to get a response in the next 24 to 48 hours. Thank you.

We've been customers for 20 years and rarely engaged support. We don't run a complicated/sophisticated forum... it's just a few motorcycle guys having a discussion or two.

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