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License Key Invalid on Subdomain

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I was the admin for a site 3 or 4 years back and recently re-inherited the site back to which there has been no upgrades. The site is way behind on updates and the automatic upddate failed and I had to do a db restore but yada yada poor me... I've been trying to bring up a test site so that I can test the manual update. Sooooo I have a domain of domain.com and then I created a sub domain of test.domain.com and copied over all the files from domain.com and created new database and finally got it to come up with some errors in the .css referring to the domain.com site. BUT!!! then I noticed that I have the following message. I don't want to endanger the domain.com license. I'm not trying to steal anything. I thought that I had read that the license entitled us to a primary and test site and that's what I'm trying to set up.


License Key Invalid

The license key in use is not valid for this site. Please contact support for further information.



Here is an image of what the hosting folks say are my domain and sub domain hosts.

Could contain: Page, Text, Chart, Plot


I don't have mail support from my client area... so this is me contacting support as best I know how.  Thanks for any help.

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2 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

You would need to use your test license key, which is your license key plus -TESTINSTALL at the end

Thank you Marc. I read and read and found that and got that working. I know that at some point I had some Invision Power Services instructions on .htpasswd and.htaccess implementation but I had like 15 browser tabs open and lost it and can't find it again. If you, or anyone else, knows that location, please let me know. 🙂


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