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Requiring Approval For New User's First Post Globally

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I thought I saw this option somewhere and now can't find it. And I see similar options - but not exactly this one.

Isn't there an option to require approval for a User's first post (site wide - in all forums) after he has successfully created his registration and posts for the first time? Then allowed normal posting after this first approval.


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Jim M
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It’s a group thing. Edit the group you want, probably Members, and you’ll see it in Content tab: Require approval before content shows?.

Enable it and enter 1 in after field and choose approved items of content on the other field.

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Thanks for super fast reply. I saw that but was confused. 

It sounded as if after activation then one post had to be approved first, and then all content after that didn't need it be.

Can I assume then that all Users that have already posted before this option was activated are considered to have one approved post already?? They have posts, but nobody "officially" approved them.

I was afraid if activated, that would trigger all Users (new and old) to have at least one post "officially" approved after the option was activated. 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks again - that sounded logical - I just wasn't sure - and thought I had seen a global setting for that. Might be a nice option to have.

Reason being - I have a new, apparently sophisticated spammer using some AI I guess, that is bypassing all my safeguards. I switched reCAPTCHA to keyCAPCHA yesterday - and he managed to avoid it and post 40 topics quickly - apparently bypassing the new flood control I initiated at 70 seconds as well. 

Not sure about all that yet - but would be nice if I could just enable a first post approval for all new members site wide until I can get a grip on the situation.

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