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[Bug 4.7.8] Downloads - Commercial

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After purchasing the Commercial module, I decided to update my forum 4.7.7. and add this Commercial module. I always update through the admin center.

While updating the forum, I got the following error: 


There was an error communicating with the update server. Please download the update and upload the files to your server, or contact us for assistance.

Now got a successfully updated forum but without the Commercial module

But this time something went wrong. Please tell me how can I download the Commercial module now and install it on the forum?

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Is this on CiC or self-hosted?

If you're self-hosted, the easiest thing may be to just download the latest release of IPS from your client area and upload everything again manually, then run the upgrade routines from the nexus/commerce module in your AdminCP.

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This is self hosting, do I now need to update the whole engine again (4.7.8)? or somehow you can download the Commercial module separately and then upload it separately manually through the admin panel

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Marc Stridgen
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Re-uploading the core files will only prompt you to update the applications you haven't already updated (in this case commerce)

It won't have any impact on the forums application, which has already been updated.

You could download the entire suite from the ACP and then upload upload the commerce/nexus application in the applications folder of that download, but I might suggest doing a full upload anyways just to make sure everything did get uploaded correctly when you did the initial upgrade.

IPS shouldn't let you upgrade if any of the files for a specific application weren't uploaded properly (so this means the forums, core software and other applications you updated should be fine), but it can't hurt to be extra sure.

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