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[RESOLVED] Messed up External File Storage


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We've been using Wasabi for file storage with Invision Community for several years now.

We modified a setting and completely broke the site -- it seems like 0 javascript is loading and we can't access the admincp.



  • Although we reverted the configuration using the core_file_storage  table in the DB, we did not add  "https://" to the "endpoint" field. After adding  it, the JS seems to be loading.
  • Images seem to be giving a permission denied error but we are looking into the cause of that now.


  • After going back into the admin CP and re-applying the storage settings, everything seems to be working correctly now.


What caused the issue:

  1. We went into storage settings and modified the "endpoint" field
    1. Previous Value: s3.eu-west-1.wasabisys.com
    2. New value: cdn.ourdomain.com.s3.eu-west-1.wasabisys.com

^ After that change the site completely stopped loading all JS and seemingly images.

Attempted fix (FAILED):

  1. core_file_storage <-- We accessed this table in the DB and manually reverted the storage setting JSON. Unfortunately this did not work.


  1. When reverting the storage setting manually in the core_file_storage table, "https" must be appended to the beginning.
  2. After applying the config change via the DB, remaining issues (some images not loading) were resolved by going into admin CP -> storage settings -> re applying the storage settings there.

Hope this helps someone if they run into the same issue 🙂. Thank you for reading about my anxiety attack! 

Our site is completely unusuable right now and we'd appreciate any  help. Thank you very much.



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