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Just upgraded and notice there is a new function to purchasing.

Since the upgrade I have noticed for a while that under PAYMENTS>"Invoices" I would see orders "Pending" for subscriptions or purchase of products.  Just yesterday I saw another, so I decided to attempt to make a self purchase using PayPal.  I saw this window and noticed there is a approval process

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But I'm not receiving a notification email that someone made a purchase, I just happened to catch under PAYMENTS > Transactions where I saw my, and a customers purchase waiting to be approved.  I didn't have this process prior to my upgrade.  I like this new function, but no way to know.  Is there a timer for the approval, before they get kicked out of the approval process?  I had more pending in the last few weeks, do I need to contact these members and let them know I didn't see the transaction?

How do I get notification of a pending purchase?





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This is currently being tripped by your "MaxMind Hold" anti-fraud rule. You can check what the transaction is getting tripped by in when viewing the invoice -> under Transactions -> click the magnify glass -> then "Triggered Fraud Rule"

Right now that rule is very broad and set for anything so all transactions will get tripped by it. You will need to edit it and make it less encompassing to what you want to review in these cases. If you want all transactions to go through without anti-fraud rules, you will want to remove that rule.

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