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API into the Store?

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I have a print-on-demand account with a company in the UK who have an API for managing their processes with 3rd party storefronts. It works seemlessly with shopify for instance. 

Is there any such API two-way communication built into Invision's store front? Or any plans to do so in the future at all? 



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There are numerous APIs related to Commerce. For example:


In terms of integrating with third parties, the easiest way to look at this in general is through using something like Zapier which has the ability to perform actions upon certain triggers occurring. 

You would be best served talking with a 3rd party resource developer to figure out specifics of what you’re looking to do and if the other store front has enough functionality programically to be leveraged within the IPB framework as it looks like you want to simply use the third party’s store system instead of IPBs commerce system.  

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