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Trying to get this domain to resolve


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Our domain strokeboard.net points to our host here, on invision.  However, we have another domain strokenetwork.org which we have hosted elsewhere and have email accounts associated with, MX records, etc.  As a mod here suggested, I'm going to put up a 301 redirect to get that domain and all our other domains pointing to our strokeboard.net site hosted here BUT we need our strokenetwork.org email still hosted and working on the other host - still with me?

So right now, strokenetwork.org is not resolving nor is the email working.  I opened a ticket with them and I got a little lost with their response.  here it is:


The domain strokenetwork.org uses nameservers ns1.strokeboard.net and ns2.strokeboard.net. However the domain strokeboard.net associated to these nameservers use a third part DNS with nameservers ns1.invisioncic.com, ns2.invisioncic.com, ns3.invisioncic.com and ns4.invisioncic.com. So the A record for ns1.strokeboard.net and ns2.strokeboard.net should exist at the third party DNS end as well.

To fix this you just need to login to the third party DNS for strokeboard.net and set IP as A record for ns1.strokeboard.net and ns2.strokeboard.net there and the domain and emails should work fine.

When they refer to 'third party DNS', they are speaking about here, at invision I suppose.  But how do I get this done according to their instructions?  Is there a DNS zone editor or something here in invision I can use?  Thanks!

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Believe your domain provider may be a little confused on what you are asking. You are not wanting to change your nameservers for your .org domain, just perform a redirect so that when someone hits the .org domain, it goes to your .net domain.

Most domain registrars allow you to redirect your domain to a different website. If yours doesn't, you're a little out of luck, I'm afraid. You would either need to point your A record to your own server where you can then do a redirect or find another solution. Unfortunately though, this is a little outside our scope of support as this is no longer our software or platform we're talking about.

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