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[Pages] Title vs. Title tag

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I am not sure if this is a bug or issue whether rather feedback.

I have created page, database...

and category, where I filled up Name of category "This is title"

Could contain: Page, Text


On Meta Tags & Title card I see option Category title


Could contain: Text, Page


so I filled up this field too and result is:


<title>This is title - This is title tag - My site</title>


But I would expect in title only This is title tag - My site.


Because when I am creating page and fill this:


Could contain: Page, Text


and then this:


Could contain: Page, Text


result is:


<title>My Main page title - My site</title>


So Page Title on Meta Tags & Title card replaced page title filled up on Details card. This is how it should works in my opinion.


But in case of categories Category title on Meta Tags & Title card was added to original Name filled on Configuration card. If I used the same name in both fields, I would have duplicate content in the category name.

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