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Limit "New Topics per day by single user" in selected only forum category

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Example: forum have 3 categories

- Discusion

- Car photos

- Links

I want to users be able to post as much as they want in Discusion and Car photos but I want to they be able to post only ONE post per day in Link category.

Is this possible by any settings or external widget?


Thank You


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1 minute ago, Adriano Faria said:

It is by using a plugin:


This is "by user group limit" as far as I understand. So if there is 10 users and limit is 1 post then if any of then do this 1 post the rest of them (9) can not psot anymore. I not want this.

As I say I want to 1 user be able to do 1 post. So 10 users are limited to up to 1 post each so up to 10.

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The group is to choose who can use it, mate. Example: you want to restrict only members and not admins. If you have 5000000000000 of users in Members groups then 5000000000000 users will be restricted and EVERY user in the Members group will be able to make one post only.

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