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Webhook transaction

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Hi all,
we need to know why the webhook present in the webhooks Reference "\IPS\nexus\Transaction object" (System->Site Features->API->Webhooks Reference->Commerce) it is not available when I try to create it in the Webhook section. 

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Hi @Daniel F
we need to create a webhook when a transaction ends with success, so if we try to create a webhook from the Admin panel we cannot see the transaction event in the below list. You have already implemented the transaction rest API, is it possible implement a transaction webhook in the webhook create section?

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Webpage

Thank you in advance

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Hi Development team,

any update on this issue? 

We would be trying to evolve our ecommerce, and trying to understand how to automate the steps.
If it were easier to implement, a webhook linked to "Invoice" could also be useful.

Thanks again!

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