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So many time I try to simulate how we can use forum to replace conversations topics from Whatsapp groups, people continue use whatpsapp or others chat systems becasuse the way to send a message is so faster than open page, open topic, think in which topic name used, etc etc.

So try to set up a better topic system to manage conversations or dicussions that demand actions from members during the discussion and after discussion time.

Under actions demanded from a discussion, we need Vote ability, Checklist ability by now are what I am seeking for organizing conversations from whatsapp group of parents and students.

Vote ability: something like current poll feature, but please I am talking about something more affective, when we are creating a topic, just click to active Vote, then set something like Checkbox system. That Vote drawer should be shown under the topic title, member will see Still need your vote drawer, click on it to expand vote drawer. After a member voted, there will say You already voted.

Checklist ability: In the creation of a topic, click to active Checklist feature, it wll show me the checklist drawer to set up details. That items of checklist can be set up for specific members, that mean only related member can fill that item. Example, in a topic we need 4 specific students fill the related item, in that item student will place their reponse of a question, that checklist drawer will shown details who already filled and who not.

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