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So many time I try to simulate how we can use forum to replace conversations topics from Whatsapp groups, people continue use whatpsapp or others chat systems becasuse the way to send a message is so faster than open page, open topic, think in which topic name used, etc etc.

So try to set up a better topic system to manage conversations or dicussions that demand actions from members during the discussion and after discussion time.

What I want to suggest here is, ability to change topic level, selecting topics as topics under a main topic. Because there always have anothers topics created that contain similar information or that informations are parts of a Main topic (moderator choose it), with that moderation, a topic (from several topics created ) can be well organized for better visualization, after that moderation done, when user visit again related that topic, that topic structured will have all related topics shown front the user.

And we can have topic with more information aported by members on the times going on ...

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