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[feature suggestion] Database Records Canonical Meta Tag

My Sharona

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Currently, when a record is created, you have the option of posting that record as a thread within a specified forum. If you utilize that option, both creations come with a canonical tag that gives the 'thread' preference. It would be nice if there was an option to give the 'Record' prominence over the 'Thread.'

Having Google being directed to not rank the database page in tis manner kind of defeats the whole underlying purpose of a CMS system.


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So... I have discovered an item with regard to this canonical meta tag system. Not sure if this is a minor bug or not.

I have found that if I mark the database as posting a "topic" to a forum and then mark whatever category as to 'overriding the database forum options' and deselect 'post topic', the canonical tag on the database record will post a canonical meta tag that directs the record to have prominence.

Additionally, in this scenario, a forum topic is still created. And, the canonical tag that is created with the forum topic gives that canonical meta tag direction to that forum topic.

Almost certainly, it is not good to have two pages, almost identical, each dictating that they are the prominent version.

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