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Notifications by push for commerce support section

Marco Junior

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The title of the suggestion says it all.
I've been an IPS customer for some time, I use the system in 2 companies with totally different segmentations.
I can say that the IPS support system is extremely useful, so much so that I chose to use it on my private game server.

It turns out that players of any type of game can't stand having to constantly view emails.
So it would be very helpful if you could insert the push notification system to the support system too, once a response from the Administration is sent, once the ticket status is changed make the player be notified via (push) it would be extremely useful not just for the gaming community but in general.


If this suggestion is approved please release this to customers (self hosted).

I see that most of the new features were introduced to customers who pay hosting on IPS, however it would not be a good investment for my business model to pay a large amount of money every month to have this type of feature.

I see new features being introduced to the system just for these customers and it has me quite disheartened.

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