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Currently I am planning to create diferents calendars for differents schools communities, the purpose is all members can create events, mostly that events are notice received by members then they post it to share the information.

But sometimes, maybe accidentlly, or maybe someone can share a event information incorrectly, there is my point, we need a Moderation field where arfter the event is shared by a member, others member can click on that field to validate that event is known for them too, similar mechanism like the Reactions, but it should be shown on below of the title like a tag, with that Members Validation system will reduce the hard work of Admin or few moderator have to monitoring all events shared and verify if it is correct information or not.

When we see a event is Validated by some members we can ensure that information is fine. In case if the event shared come with some errors, members just change the botton to Not exactly and place the correct information. Author or moderators will receive notification only if someone validate it as Not Exatcly or It is wrong, then they can fix that event.

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