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Search words not returning results or un-expected results

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One of my users has reported issues with searching on my site.  User is searching for the term doctor who. I tested out several different search combinations and results are very strange sometimes.  Why would some of these searches return 0 results or expected results to not be found?

Below are a couple tests that I ran using the same search for Doctor Who.

Search for Lower case doctor who.


This search temr returns 0 results. When actually there are close to 30.



Search "Doctor Who" with quotes and proper capitilization, returns no results.


Search "doctor who" in quotes in lower case, returns results.



Search for Who* or who* using wildcard, returns 547 results.  However, NONE of the results return "Doctor Who".

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23 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

By default mysql will only search on 4 or more characters unless the mysql configuration is changed to allow fulltext search on lower numbers. Are you seeing it on other items whereby its less?

Thanks, Marc.  That explains the strange behaviour.

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